Scoring marks all over the tread Bias

  • Tread Damage

  • Scoring marks all over the tread
  • Circumferential scoring mark or cut appearing on the tyre. It can be small cut or deep cut. Can appear in more than one area on any tyre.
Causes of Damage/Wear

It happens majorly because of spinning of tyre. Can happen also because of any part which is fouling with tread while the vehicle is running.

  • Recommended Actions

  • Action on Tyre

    If the damage is more, check if the tyre can be repaired or not. Re-treading may be required in some cases. For major damage, tyre replacement may be required.
  • Action on Vehicle

    Check if any object is in contact with tyre while the vehicle is moving.
  • Vehicle Operation

    No Action Required.
    Avoid spinning of tyre. Avoid sudden acceleration. Do periodical inspection of vehicle for checking any loose part which can get in contact with tyre.

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