Base cracks in Lug or Groove Bias

  • Tread Damage

  • Base cracks in Lug or Groove
  • Cracks appearing in the groove area of tread. It can be at one or more places or in one or more number of grooves. It can appear in Lug Base area also.
Causes of Damage/Wear

Generally happens because of not following the recommended inflation pressure. Also because of running the vehicle in bad road condition where stones can get entrapped in tread.

  • Recommended Actions

  • Action on Tyre

    Don't use the tyre. Take the tyre to the manufacturer for guidance. If it can be repaired, use after proper repair.
  • Action on Vehicle

    Generally, this problem is not related to any vehicle condition. However, check the vehicle for obvious causes and take actions if necessary.
  • Vehicle Operation

    Prevent tyre injuries due to bad roads.
    Check tyres periodically and remove entrapped stones. Avoid driving at high speed and sudden braking.

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