Rib Tearing Bias

  • Tread Damage

  • Rib Tearing
  • At the base of the groove, rubber tearing observed in circumferential direction. With continued vehicle operation, this tearing will increase.
Causes of Damage/Wear

This kind of damage can happen because of sudden acceleration or braking at bad roads. It can also happen due to spinning of tyre. If vehicle is operated at high speed in bad road, this kind of damage can take place.

  • Recommended Actions

  • Action on Tyre

    Check if the tyre can be repaired. If the damage is high, go for replacement or Re-treading .
  • Action on Vehicle

    No Action Required
  • Vehicle Operation

    No Action Required.
    Avoid spinning of tyre. Avoid sudden acceleration. Avoid driving at high speed during bad road conditions.

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