Wheel Misaligned Bias

  • Tread Damage

  • Wheel Misaligned
  • There can be different type of wear pattern in case of misalignment wear. It can be tread wear at edge, wear at one side, non-uniformed wear, irregular wear, wear appearing in alternate lugs.
Causes of Damage/Wear

Wear because of wheel alignment wrong. It can happen because the vehicle steering geometry parameters are not set at optimum level. Setting of Toe, camber and caster getting disturbed with vehicle operation. It can also happen because of vehicle modifications like spring leaf additions or loose bearings.

  • Recommended Actions

  • Action on Tyre

    Check if the tyre can be repaired. If the damage is high, go for replacement or Re-treading .
  • Action on Vehicle

    Get the wheel alignment corrected at any authorized dealership.
  • Vehicle Operation

    Do the tyre rotation and wheel alignment periodically.
    No action required.

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