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Gunjesh Kumar

Gunjesh Kumar

System designer, programmer and Six Sigma Expert
Gunjesh is application developer and programmer. Tyrometer.com website and application has been single-handedly programmed, designed and developed by him. He also has expertise in six-sigma and he has completed numerous high-impact projects. He has guided several teams to resolve chronic issues leading to break-through improvements. He has a knack for innovation and likes to do things differently.
He is a recognized trainer on Quality and takes sessions on Six-Sigma methodologies, Statistical Process Control, Measurement System Analysis and other Quality tools.
Swati Nayak

Swati S Nayak

Data Analyst, Reliability Engineer & Six Sigma Expert
Swati is a certified reliability engineer and expert in statistics and six-sigma methodology of problem solving. She has won many national level awards in systematic problem solving.
She is the main brain behind the data science and modelling in tyrometer.com based on her expertise in predictive analysis, reliability tools and six-sigma tools. She has an extensive background in data analysis and quantitative data modelling. She is recognized as a business leader and team motivator.
Anshuman Mohapatra

Anshuman Mohapatra

Quality Champion, Process Expert and Six Sigma Practitioner
Anshuman is leading the investigation and validation group for establishing the data models. He is the quality and process champion & has deep knowledge and understanding about the vehicle design, steering geometry parameters and tyre wear phenomena. He has done extensive field visits to study and understand the various parameters affecting the Tyre life.
Pravat Sahoo

Pravat Sahoo

Tyre & Steering Geometory Expert and Quality Champion
Pravat has the expertise in tyre technology and is recognized for analysing and establishing the root causes of Tyre wear in a faster way. Through field visits, he has provided solutions to numerous customers for enhancing their vehicles’ tyre life. He has the rich experience of vehicle design, assembly processes and tyre science.

The Champions

  • Arun Balimane - Project Guide
  • A B Lall - Project Mentor
  • Basabdutta Jana
  • Vishal Badshah
  • Binish Biju
  • D Muralidharan
  • Vinay Rai
  • Rajeeva Ranjan
  • Rajesh Kibile
  • Gautam Thakur

What is Tyrometer

Tyrometer is an application that helps to increase the tyre life of commercial vehicles. For commercial vehicles, tyre is considered as a consumable and it is the second highest cost contributor after that of fuel. Tyre life directly impacts the cost of operations, profits and the overall cost of ownership. This innovative app can be a game changer if you have commercial vehicle business and will definitely help you to increase your profits. Tyrometer gives specific recommendations which are unique for the vehicle and tyre based on the analysis of design parameters and various inputs received. It predicts the tyre life in existing condition and how much improvements can be achieved by following easy-to-follow recommendations. It also gives the target tyre mileage based on the actual results achieved by other users of the same vehicle model used in similar conditions.

Tyrometer is the result of extensive research and hard work done for studying and establishing the various causes of tyre wear. Tyre wear is a complex phenomenon, which depends on multiple factors like loading pattern, road condition, tyre pressure, vehicle speed, steering geometry parameters, vehicle design, terrain, vehicle application, type of tyre, tyre manufacturer, tyre design, etc. It also depends on many other factors like age of vehicle, vehicle modification (leaf spring addition, camber change), position of tyre, problem in any major aggregate (like frame, axle, transmission, etc.) and the driving habits. Many of these parameters have interaction effect, which greatly affects the overall tyre life. For example, loading and tyre pressure have a strong interaction effect on tyre life. If there is overloading and at the same time tyre pressure is low, it exponentially reduces the tyre mileage. All the vehicle manufacturers design the vehicle for a targeted tyre life, but that is seldom achieved by customers in actual field conditions. While, the manufacturers prescribe the major parameters like tyre pressure, wheel alignment and rotation frequencies, vehicle load, etc. for intended application of vehicle; there are several other factors which does play major role and demands for tweaking these parameters for optimum tyre life.

Tyrometer is a result of a Six Sigma Black Belt project in which the team studied about 20,000 vehicles for establishing the impact of various factors including vehicle design and steering geometry parameters. Team also did extensive field visits for interacting with customers, drivers and truck owners for understanding the field conditions and collecting the data, which directly or indirectly affects the tyre life in commercial vehicles. The findings were revealing – same vehicle model used in similar conditions have huge variation in tyre life. Some tyre covers up to 20,000 KMs only while some can go even beyond 1,20,000 KMs. This difference is majorly because of actual usage and field conditions of the vehicle. However, the optimum conditions for each vehicle type and tyre is different and one formula does not fit to all! The team did the hard work of establishing the relationship between the input parameters and its relationship with the output parameter, which is tyre life. Through statistical modelling and design of experiments, the application establishes the optimum data model for each vehicle type and tyre and gives the recommendations, which can greatly improve the tyre life. It uses predictive analysis and machine learning algorithm along with the inputs from industry experts and designers for establishing the data models and background programming, which is ever evolving.

For getting the correct estimation on tyre mileage and useful recommendations, it is absolutely essential that you provide the correct information about the vehicle usage and other parameters. Providing wrong/insufficient information will lead to wrong estimation and completely wrong recommendations, which instead of enhancing the tyre life can actually deteriorate it. As there is established interaction effect between the input parameters, even one incorrect input can significantly change the final recommendations. Please be extra careful while providing the tread-depth, which is critical factor for estimating the life along with other input parameters. You can use “how to measure” function for getting the tread depth with the help of coin.

Tyrometer provides the potential saving in terms of both Tyre mileage as well as monetary terms. It helps to take decision in terms of vehicle usage, loading, speed, lift axle use and modifications. The recommendations can be saved along with vehicle details for ready reference and comparing the recommendations in future. This feature is available once you log in (currently, only logging in through Google Account is available). You can save the history and recommendations for as many vehicles as you wish.

For the cases where tyre life is much lower, tyrometer provides easy-to-search picture gallery through which you can know the possible reasons and get generic recommendations.

It is our endeavour to provide you with the best application for all your tyre related needs. We wish to help you to increase your business and improve your profitability. We have just started the journey, a lot more is on the way and we are really excited about it!

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